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Long Arm Quilting Services


Don’t just make those quilt tops and stop!  Let us help you complete it with one of our beautiful edge-to-edge quilting designs.

  • All of our longarm quilting is done in-house on our longarm machine and computer-driven software
  • Binding problems...Either let us do it for you OR let us teach you how.
  • We have a large selection of quilting patterns and designs and we are always adding new designs to our collection.  
  • We care for your quilt as if it were our own, we love to put the final touches on your already beautiful quilt.  
  • Longarm Quilting T_Shirt Quilts Commissioned Quilting Pricing Service
  • Edge to Edge Quilting (minimum $40) $0.015 per square inch
  • Binding (Minimum $25) Made, Attached, & Stitched by Machine $0.15 per liner inch
  • Attaching & Top Stitching Pre-Made Binding $0.12 per liner inch

How to get a rough estimate of cost of quilting:
  • Measure the width and length of the quilt. Multiply these two measurements.
  •  For example: for a quilt that is 60”x72” = 4320 square inches.
  •  Then, multiply this total square inch amount by $.015, for example: 4320 x $.015 = $64.80 for the edge to edge quilting service.
  •  To calculate binding cost, find your linear inches by adding all four sides together, for example for your quilt that is 60”x72”: 60 + 60 + 72 + 72 = 264 linear inches.

T-shirt Quilts & Memory Quilts


Send your UNCUT T-shirts and we can discuss what you would like your T-Shirt or Memory Quilt to look like.

  • Every T-shirt and Memory Quilt is an original. 
  • We prepare each shirt or piece of clothing with a stabilizer to keep it from stretching and then it can be sewn together with quilting cotton to create blocks.
  • Each T-shirt quilt includes batting, backing and binding.
  • We can work with a few shirts and add more quilting fabric and sashing or we can work with a lot of shirts.
  • Prices are $25 per shirt with quilters cotton sashing and border. Turn around time can be 2-3 months so please plan early, especially if you need it for a special occasion.
  • A quilt makes a cherished gift for your loved ones for any special occasion, come see us for your next wedding gift, baby gift, birthday, etc.